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Independent and even closer to its guests

Published on May 1st 2015

The hotel Le Bristol is no longer part of the Accor Group. After seven years it went back to its original name in April and will be managed independently from now on. The hotel’s Manager Stefan Röösli and his team are staying on—guests will encounter familiar faces when they return. In an interview the host tells us what he has in mind to make the Le Bristol even better.


Stefan Röösli and the photographer Myriam Ramel during the photo-shoot for the hotel’s new look.
Myriam Ramel / www.lumieredujour.ch


Stefan Röösli, the hotel Le Bristol is no longer a member of the Accor Group. What does that entail for returning guests, some of which have known the hotel for a long time?

The move is not intended to change things drastically. Our regular guests will notice the hotel’s new name, visit a new website and, when they come and stay with us, will experience the refreshed look. They will feel as comfortable as they did in all the years before. 

How will you ensure that?

We didn’t have to change much to the hotel. Le Bristol’s spacious and modern rooms, its spa with indoor and outdoor pools, and the good food we serve speak for themselves. What’s crucial to the guests are the employees. I am very fortunate to have been able to keep on our team. Many of our employees have been working at the Le Bristol for many years. They are the ones that ensure the guests enjoy our excellent service and our authentic hospitality.

Will you be making any significant changes to what’s on offer and the tariffs?

Our guests will get an even wider choice. The prices will remain pretty much the same; the price structure will have a finer seasonal variability. We will be putting more emphasis on marketing our very attractive two to seven day packages that include dinner and spa treatments. The new room prices will all include breakfast, free wireless internet, and, it goes without saying, access to the hotel’s spa and wellness area, which is Leukerbad’s largest private spa. I am particularly proud of our own thermal spring, supplying thermal water uninterruptedly—it has a high content in minerals and a temperature of 33 degrees.

Which type of guest is the hotel’s offer tailored to?

Our key audience are active people of the baby boomer generation, who lead a health-conscious life without giving up on enjoyment. They recharge their batteries at this alpine source of energy that is the Le Bristol and the unique natural site of Leukerbad. We have many families visiting, especially on weekends, and during the week we also have guests taking part in company events.

You are speaking of the Le Bristol’s conference facilities?

Not just that. We offer large conference rooms for up to 80 people and also small and mid-size rooms ideally suited for workshops. Conference participants, however, very much appreciate to be able to go for a walk or take advantage of the many options to do outdoor sports, to relax in our spa, or spend a pleasant evening in our rustic Carnotzet.

How are the guests reacting to Le Bristol’s new identity?

The reactions are generally positive. Our team and our hospitality are the keys to our guests’ satisfaction.

Why this move to independence?

Being a member of a world-wide group has its advantages in terms of marketing, but, today, a hotel geared towards holiday-makers needs to be flexible able to adapt quickly to the needs of its guests or the changing market environment. We can do that better as an independent hotel.

How do you market yourself?

Our excellent national and international relationships with tour operators, online travel agents and the large stock of addresses of existing and potential guests are real assets for our own marketing activities. We also work closely with both Leukerbad Tourism and Switzerland Tourism. As part of the relaunch of the «Le Bristol» we have put in place a new website, are present on social media, and are continuously working towards improving our image and to extend our reach in media communications.

Having totally renewed the spa in 2008 and completed the refurbishment of the rooms in 2013, the hotel is now modernised and up to date. Where will you be investing next?

Our owners, a family trust opting to remain in the background, are committed to the hotel for the long term and are investing continually. As is often the case in the hospitality industry, many things take place in the background, so the guests will not take notice of it. For example, when we overhaul the hotel’s technical infrastructure or its safety installations, and it is also true of the continuous maintenance work in the rooms and public areas.

What are you looking forward to most this summer?

Many and diverse events will take place this summer, as always. The Swiss chess championships, the live broadcasts of the «Donnschtig Jass» and the «Schlager Welle», the Shepherds’ festival on the Gemmi, and the spectacular Swiss Epic mountain bike race offer a wide array of events. The 20th literature festival from the 3rd to the 5th of July, with readings by authors in our hotel, will be a special treat, to which I am very much looking forward to. The opening of the «Fussbadquelle» on the 13th of June will also be very exciting—it being the first spring accessible to visitors.

(Interview: Christian Gartmann)