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Leukerbad – a choice of varied and unusual summer activities

Published on July 8th 2015

Mountains are the most apt symbol of Switzerland. You normally head for them in winter to go skiing, but they offer more than you might think. When the temperatures soar in summer, head for higher altitudes and enjoy the pure, refreshing air and a wide range of leisure activities.

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Summer in Leukerbad

In any season and in all types of weather, Leukerbad offers a range of activities to suit visitors of all ages and fitness levels. If you relish the challenge of extreme sports, enjoy hiking, or are simply in search of relaxation, you are sure to find an activity to suit.

In summer, the possibilities are highly varied, ranging from traditional hiking, mountain biking and climbing to less conventional activities, such as disc golf or riding a monster scooter. In combination with a visit to the thermal spas, these activities have a unique, revitalising and regenerating effect. The threefold formula of sport, relaxation and wellness can be customised to create the ideal stay.

Leukerbad has over 200 km of hiking paths and 19 marked mountain biking trails, open from spring to autumn, with varying degrees of difficulty to suit the individual. Choose the gentler option and let the cable car take you to the summit before you enjoy your descent. Or get your muscles to do the work, in any case, the routes offer great variety – up or down. By the way: it’s also possible to explore all cycle trails on an electric mountain bike.N.B.

N.B. The Hotel Le Bristol holds the hotelleriesuisse’s ‘bike-hotel’ certificate and offers the unique opportunity to revive in the thermal waters of its own private spring after your excursion, whether strenuous or not.

Unmissable hiking

Two hiking routes stand out: the Sentier des Sources (path of the springs) and the Dala Gorge footbridge. The path runs along a platform, more than four metres above the torrential river, leading to a footbridge with a view of a spectacular waterfall, where water plunges from a height of 35 metres. This is where Leukerbad’s thermal springs emerge. Read the information notices along the way and you will learn all there is to know about the waters of Leukerbad during these hikes.

Those who wish to tackle the summits will head off up the Torrenthorn, to an altitude of nearly 3000 metres. The ascent is aided by the Torrent cable car, which takes you up to 2310 metres. Once you get to the summit, known as ‘Queen of the Valais,’ a panoramic view spreads out before you.

How about a blue-tinted excursion? Lake Dauben is easily accessible from the top of the Gemmi, while Lake Majin lies between the Gemmi and the Torrent. Both are ideal for refreshing outings, for young and old alike. In the harmony of these sites, with the surrounding panorama, you quickly forget the stress of daily life and recharge your batteries.

History buffs are not forgotten. The Albinen ladder trail, the Roman road and the Path of the Chapels are all routes that appeal to your curiosity.

Via ferrata, extreme and unusual sports

The via ferrata, Latin for ‘iron road’ is a challenging route up a rock face for which specific equipment such as cables, ladders and ramps have been fitted. These amenities make progress easier and maximize user safety. This activity can be classified as a cross between hiking and climbing

Leukerbad boasts Switzerland’s longest via ferrata, on the majestic cliffs of the Daubenhorn. Consisting of 216 metres of ladders and over 2000 metres of cables, it takes 8 hours to complete and covers an altitude difference of 1000 metres. Only experienced climbers should attempt to tackle it, as it is classified ED (Extremely Difficult).

If you don’t feel like tackling the full via ferrata, a more manageable alternative is the ‘adventure’ via ferrata. This medium-level trail is 800 metres long, with an altitude difference of 30 metres. The adventure via ferrata is designed for people of all ages and for families as a way to familiarize yourself with the activity - while still enjoying a few thrills.

Kitesurfers will appreciate the refreshing banks of Lake Dauben, which are ideal for this pursuit.

The resort’s vast range of leisure activities includes a number of unusual sports, among them disc golf, where a frisbee takes the place of golf clubs and balls. Then there is an all-terrain monster scooter with large tyres to cope with rough soil, ideal to scoot downhill from the Torrenthorn towards Leukerbad. Another option is to try your tightrope balance in the Gemmi Slackline Park.

Whether you come to Leukerbad to energise or to relax, you will always find an activity to suit you. Relaxation and vitality go hand in hand at Le Bristol and an unforgettable stay is guaranteed!