Experience a revitalising time-out YOGA - Experience a revitalising time-out

Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned practitioner of yoga, the yoga retreats at the Hotel Le Bristol**** in Loèche-les-Bains is an opportunity to re-energise in a bubble of well-being combining rest for the mind and body.

During a long weekend, one expirienced yoga teachers will share with you the keys to bringing together mind, body and nature to achieve total harmony with yourself and the elements that surround you. Take advantage of this opportunity to sink into this soothing atmosphere and relax in the private baths available to hotel guests.

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Join one of the courses offered every Tuesday in the Hotel Bristol. Registration required at the tourist office. More information on the following link:

Namasté on the mountain, hotel bristol, (1 x per week)

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DARI Am Happy 16. - 18.06.

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